Community Events

MasterBait has underpinned the NT Recreational Fishing Industry for 16+ years and continues to do so, providing a solid foundation of support and sponsorship for locals Territorywide; actively helping the community to grow and empowering others to achieve.

Our participation and sponsorship provide us with the opportunity to get to know and thank our Community and acknowledge the efforts of others and you may see us at some of the following events:

  • Helping People with Disabilities Achieve: The PGFC Buddy Boats Day (an opportunity for people with disabilities to fish and enjoy the sport of fishing).
  • Kids Fishing: The PGFC Junior Angler Educational Program (supporting children).
  • Women Fishing: The Secret Women's Barra Challenge and the Girls Gone Fishing Women’s Competition (supporting women).
  • Families & Individuals Fishing: The PGFC Corrobboree Park Challenge, The Brickies Bash - Bynoe Harbour, The Belyun Community Christmas event, The Dundee Rocks for Kids and various teams (supporting families).
  • Clubs: The Palmerston Game Fishing Club Calendar of Events, The Darwin Trailer Boat Club, The Darwin Game Billfish Competition, The Coopers Blue Water Classic, The Kakadu Klash, The Barra Nationals, King Ash Bay Fishing Classic, Dundee Recreational Fishing Club and many more (supporting clubs).
  • Other: NT Schools, Food Bank, Beat the Heat and much more – see you on the land and on the water.

Wishing you well from all of us here at MasterBait !
Shaz at Kids Fishing Clinic
HPA Buddie Boats Day
CDU & Kathy & Sharon