At MasterBait, we run regular promotions during busy fishing periods. No matter what type of fish you are hoping to hook, our retail customers are sure to have the right bait and equipment to help you land your fish.

Some of the promotional periods we cover include:

  • The build-up
  • The run-off (depending on rainfall; Barramundi fishing January through to March)
  • April: Easter long weekends
  • Magic May onwards - Blue Water fishing at its best
  • Special occasions by request

Fishing Package Deals

At MasterBait we can have you looking a million dollars!

    For example you could be styled in the latest season's MasterBait fishing shirt, together with matching stubby coolers, hats and thongs, then finish with some of the best Barra and blue water fishing rods, reels and accessories money can buy. We can tailor to your needs and your budget as we have something for everyone!

Gift Certificates

Ideal gifts for the whole family, MasterBait offer gift certificates on a range of our products. Available for our customers, gift certificates are our way of thanking regular customers for their support and hard work.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate

  • To obtain a MasterBait gift certificate, simply browse our product range online and make a note of the value of the items and the certificate you would like to purchase.
  • Let us know when you would like your gift certificate, the method of payment (cash, cheque) and how you would like us to deliver it to you (via hand delivery or post).
  • All MasterBait gift certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are redeemable at any time during that period.
  • The gift certificate recipient calls the MasterBait head office by phone, fax or email to place an order. Our friendly staff will help you select the products that best suits your needs.

Bulk Buys

You can buy BULK BAIT - with sufficient notice - a week would do! You can purchase any of the following:

  • Squid 12.5kg
  • Pilchards 15kg
  • Whiting 10kg
  • Herring 10kg
  • Yellowtail 10kg
  • Garfish 10kg
  • Mullet 10kg

To take advantage of our bulk buys, please contact us to place your order.


Custom made, MasterBait slogans, available as Boat Stickers.
Sizes TBA

Slogans include:

  • Grab Your Rod & MasterBait
  • Good things come to those that MasterBait
  • Can't go blind from fishing from too much MasterBait